College code:-P760
Date of Last Update:- 16-Apr-2024
New  Admission Open
WelCome To Shrisai ITI..
Visitors online: 1101

Our Vision

 “To provide opportunities of holistic development of the trainees by equipping them with the knowledge and skill set to respond to the full diversity of industry and corporate requirements and Support them with both off campus and on campus placement activities”.

Our Mission

 “It is said that thousand miles of Journey begins with single step and milestones are an important part of journey. Mile stone also provide opportunities to pause & celebrate the joyfull moment of journey.
We at Shrisai private industrial training institute , look at milestones that reflect value as seen by our students and the society

Achievements do not happen in vaccum for that environment plays a critical role. The group makes all out efforts to create an enabling environment conductive for holistic development of our students so as to prepare them competent enough today to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Our journey ahead is challenging and exciting team is ready and rearing to go ...........join us. ”

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